Editor in Chief

  • Winifred Ijomah, University of Strathclyde

Managing Editor

  • James Windmill, University of Strathclyde


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Winifred Ijomah
"The Journal of Remanufacturing is the first journal that aims to bring together the broad spectrum of knowledge, practice and research in remanufacturing in order to facilitate a holistic understanding of remanufacturing across all the relevant disciplines. It seeks to unite and focus academia and industry in advancing the application of remanufacturing in sustainable manufacture. Initiated to address the needs of academia and industrialists for a specific reservoir for remanufacturing knowledge, it acts as a common point to disseminate, record and acquire information about developments, research and practice issues in the field."

Winifred Ijomah, University of Strathclyde
Journal of Remanufacturing

Aims & scope


The Journal of Remanufacturing aims to establish an effective channel of communication between academic and research institutions, industry and persons concerned with the challenges and significance of remanufacturing. The international dimension is emphasized in order to overcome cultural and national barriers and to meet the needs of global sustainability given the significant adverse ecological impacts of accelerating global industrialization.

The journal's focus is to propose and foster discussion that would assist:

  • The establishment of the intellectual foundation and direction for the longer-term development of remanufacturing research.
  • Step changes in remanufacturing knowledge via holistic, interdisciplinary research that fuses academic and industrial expertise.
  • Communication of practice and research developments to enable industry to use remanufacturing to address competitive, environmental and legislative pressures.

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